Enjoy a couple of drinks, talk to each other and listen to the music. Ignore the wi-fi. Attend our gigs and plays.


Not a minute without!

"Without music, life would be a mistake." - Fiedrich Nietzsche

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Plays by famous writers, or writers that we only know and love.


About us

We are here. We love meeting people. We have sense of humor. We always listen to good music. We relax. We enjoy a drink once in a while. We drink loads of coffee; and tea. We smile. We attend a lot of gigs. We like swimming. We support the artists. We talk; some of us a lot. We prefer analog. We download. We eat. We are lazy. We read books. We forgive. We are fond of technology. We get bored. We like sex. We wonder. We have accidents. We get nervous. We respect. We listen. We are right. We collaborate. We sigh. We like sports; some of us don't. We climb. We draw pictures; or just a couple of lines. We don't expect the spanish inquisition. We are ready. We may lie; not to you. We look at the same moon you look at. We work. We feel sad. We go to the movies. We don't know. We look at the stars. We drive. We use profanity. We play. We take pictures. We can't resist temptation. We like comics. We ride the bicycle. We are scientists. We choose. We live with animals. We are wrong. We read instructions on how to cry. We buy. We grow plants. We fall in love. We wear clothes; sometimes we don't. We hug. We like snow. We believe in people; not in all of them. We like chocolate. We are polite. We rock. We throw frisbies at the sun. We walk; while we are able to. We wander. We tell the truth. We help. We have a cunning plan. We forget. We play the guitar; and the drums; and the bass; and the didgeridoo; and some piano. We care. We close our eyes. We clean; not always thoroughly. We don't wanna grow up. We think. We enjoy the view. We take a nap. We are fans of many. We cook. We don't go hunting. We travel. We've made it this far. We dance.

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